Our Professional and Technical services

Our Outsource team provides pro-active remote and on-site support of your IT infrastructure. AHA Technical Services recognizes that one of the most important components of leading-edge service provision is the technical skill set of service personnel, which is why we provide only the best service technicians. You can be assured that our technicians are fully capable of supporting all elements of your distributed computing environment. Such as:

  •   Helpdesk
  •   Outsourcing
  •   Onsite Scheduled Maintenance Services

Our managed service offerings are based on your specific needs so each agreement is different. We offer features such as:

  •   Guaranteed Response Time
  •   Increased Severity Level Responses if required
  •   Support 24/7

Our Technology Deployment services include

  •   Product Procurement
  •   Supply Management
  •   Project Management
  •   Installation and integration
  •   Configuration
  •   Software Image Development
  •   Install, move, add or change        services